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When your goal is to create a website to increase the traffic of your sales, regardless the purpose. Be permanently online is one of the most important things to consider. Therefore, it is extremely important that your web hosting service provider is reliable hosting and fast hosting. Avoiding the possibility of losing potential customers.

This will allow you to offer a High Quality web hosting service. Said that, when searching for the best website hosting site. You need to know the aim of your website and the audience you want to address your content, this principal it’s essential. Depending on your budget, like the majority of the people who start a business online. You’ll look for the cheapest low cost web hosting site and not the top hosting sites. Usually, top hosting sites are not the best website hosting sites. Comparing and contrasting between cheap and best hosts sites, you’ll need to consider the disadvantages.

Consequences when your selection is a bad web hosting provider:

Potential Loss of audience and revenue:

An offline or crushed website like other systems. When trying to build online reputation, could have an extremely negative impact on your sales or promotions. Your customer flow could decrease because let’s be honest. Who likes trying to access a website and not be able to load it or takes forever to do so? In other words, if there’s limited or no access to your web site your reputation won’t grow. And all the effort made to create the website will be for nothing

Ranking by SERP positioning negative outcomes:

The aim of owning a website, regardless of being created with the best website builder o a simple wordpress cheap website. Is to attract as much customers as possible. If your website crushes very often the search engines won’t find your website. Your company won’t be visible on Google and the potential audience you want to attract, won’t be able to visualise your content. Therefore, your ranking is low due to your website speed or loading time.

Attacks, vulnerabilities, and security breaches:

Nowadays we hear on the news, media, television and radio about Ransomware and many other different types of cyberattacks. We always think that the solution is a good antivirus, of course it is important but sometimes is better to think how can we block the access to the thief and no how to get rid of him once is in, don’t you think? Therefore, choosing the best hosting for website, is the primary thing to do when starting in a new business idea.

Benefits, when your selection is a good web hosting provider:

Prior carrying on reading you must concentrate on the ways webhosting is presented. Web hosting is divided in three major categories and between them we find Managed web hosting, Dedicated web hosting and VPS (this last one is a partitioned section of a dedicated server, virtual private server).

Customer Support:

Once you understand and you already chooose the best web hosting provider, you need to focus on the customer support. When problems arise, you need immediate assistance and doesn’t matter how good your webhosting provider is. You need help at this precise time. So, when choosing your best hosting provider, you will need to research if their availability is 24/7/365 or whether they are based on Monday to Friday, 8 to 5 time frame.

Uptime record:

As I mentioned above,  your audience needs to have connection to your site permanently. In this case what you whant to do, is to find and reserach about the uptime record average. Hosting uptime refers to the amount of time that your website is online, available to audience and potential customers. Anything that isn’t uptime is downtime and this is what we do not want. Obviously, no webhost has 100% good performance, but if the one you are interested reaches the 95%/98% of uptime, you can consider that this would be a good uptime provider hosting provider.


Another term to consider and not the less important is the cost, it is everyone own decision but spending a few more bucks to achieve better quality hosting service it would be an excellent investment avoiding unreliability.


To finish this article I’d like to talk about something that no one things. When first selecting a web host service. What happens when you increase your traffic and your audience is that the server needs more RAM. This leads to crushes or blockings. The conclusion to this problem would be to ensure that a webhosting with the possibility to upgrade the system is being chosen.

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